• 11,899 people are chronically homeless in L.A., meaning they have been homeless for more than a year and have a disabling condition, such as a serious health, mental health or substance abuse problem. Of these, 1,415 are veterans.
  • Our public systems invest $875 million each year to manage--rather than end--homelessness in our region.
  • 48,053 people are homeless throughout Los Angeles County on any given night, giving us the unfortunate distinction of being the homeless capital of the nation.
  • 7,451 of the homeless population in Los Angeles are veterans.
  • Our current maze-like system provides meals, transitional shelter, health care and other critical services to our homeless neighbors. Each provider has different goals instead of a focused system aimed at moving individuals into permanent housing.
  • Two 2009 studies in Los Angeles show that it is more than 40% less expensive to place someone in permanent supportive housing than to leave that person on the street.
  • More than $650 million, or three quarters of the total resources spent each year, are consumed by just one quarter of the homeless population.
  • All homeless populations thrive in permanent housing if we provide the adequate supports they need.

A joint initiative of United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, the Business Leader's Task Force on Homelessness is comprised of business leaders from throughout the county who have come together with a commitment to end homelessness in our region.

The Task Force promotes permanent solutions to homelessness in partnership with public sector, faith, nonprofit, and civic leaders, both local and national. The Task Force aims to end chronic and veteran homelessness in Los Angeles County by January 2016, and ensure our system is equipped to swiftly end all forms of homelessness in our region.

2012 Home For Good Summit On February 23, 2012 we will be celebrating first year accomplishments and launching the second year of Home For Good! The 2012 Home For Good Summit will be an opportunity to reflect on what works and discuss the best way to make an even greater impact in the year to come.

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Hilton Grants $1 Million to Generate Homeless Housing The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has presented a $1 million challenge grant to United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the Home For Good Task Force. The grant will provide the foundation for a new funding mechanism designed to generate permanent supportive housing for chronic and veteran homeless individuals through a streamlined, one-stop funding collaborative. Read More